Mr. Sherry represents local and regional lenders in all types of commercial real estate loan transactions. Serving in the role of lender’s counsel, Mr. Sherry works to expeditiously close transactions while always focusing on protecting the interests of his clients in the most effective way possible. Attention to detail is a hallmark of Mr. Sherry’s representation style along with his “belt and suspenders” approach to mitigating his clients’ risk. Whether working with a set of form loan documents provided by a client or preparing a set of loan documents for a particular transaction, Mr. Sherry works with a sense of urgency – turning documents around quickly.

Mr. Sherry understands that lenders are sensitive to how much borrowers pay for lender’s counsel legal fees, and as such, he works with his clients at the inception of any given engagement for a particular transaction to develop a fee structure that will be acceptable to the borrower.